API Error: limit reached for 'Queries per minute per user' for Read context

Hi, as per this issue. Plugin Crashes · Issue #44 · logicmonitor/terraform-provider-logicmonitor · GitHub

When comparing devices with the terraform state, we see that the provider makes one GET call per device. This means that customers are hitting the API limit and getting locked out of whatever they try to do with Terraform, so the integration is not usable.

I checked the flow of execution and also checked the Terraform official docs for the ideal examples. I saw that the working of the api for getById for resources (ReadContext) is that for the first time, when we do apply, it retrieves the current state of the resources, and when we update the resource, it again calls the same endpoint to check for any potential difference in the resources provided in the configuration file.

I checked the example provided here: Perform CRUD Operations with Providers | Terraform - HashiCorp Learn, and it seems the way it is implemented is the correct one. However, the problem is with the API limit when they are creating the resources in bulk. Rate Limiting | LogicMonitor.

Is it something that can be handled by our provider?