Can we change the implementation of ReadContext in provider instead of getResourceById?

Hello, I am working on developing the Logicmonitor provider. This is in regards to an open issue: Plugin Crashes · Issue #44 · logicmonitor/terraform-provider-logicmonitor · GitHub, where we are having an issue with the rate limit we have for the getResouceByID endpoint. This is used in the ReadContext for provider implementation.

When we compare devices to the Terraform state, we notice that the provider makes one GET call per resource, rather than running a single GET and reading the output of up to 1000 resources (as our API allows). This means that we are hitting the API limit and getting locked into whatever they try to do with Terraform, so the integration is not usable.

We cannot do anything with the rate limit of the API, so would like to know if the provider framework would allow us to make a single GET call to update up to 1000 devices in the TF state.

Any examples or suggestions would be really helpful.