API version for Azure Digital Twins Data History Connection

I’m implementing the data history connection from Azure Digital Twins to Azure Data Explorer.
In the data history documentation, it is recommended to use the 2023-01-31 API version (Data history (with Azure Data Explorer) - Azure Digital Twins | Microsoft Learn).
When defining the connection in azurerm_digital_twins_time_series_database_connection, I can provide one Kusto table name. Does this mean that via this module, I’m using the 2022-05-31 API version and will only be able to import twin properties (not twin lifecycle or relationship lifecycle events)?

If the azurerm_digital_twins_time_series_database_connection resource in Terraform only allows you to provide a single Kusto table name, it’s possible that the Terraform provider has not yet been updated to support all the features of the latest API version, including importing twin lifecycle or relationship lifecycle events.

To ensure that you are using the latest features and capabilities of Azure services, you might need to:

Check the Terraform provider documentation or GitHub repository for any updates related to Azure Digital Twins support. This might include new resource types, attributes, or options introduced in newer versions of the provider.

Contact Microsoft Azure support or forums to inquire about the availability of the specific features you need and their compatibility with the Terraform provider.

Keep an eye on release notes, announcements, and documentation updates from both Terraform and Azure to know when the desired features are available and supported through Terraform.

If the Terraform provider doesn’t support the features you need, you might need to consider other ways to configure and manage the connection between Azure Digital Twins and Azure Data Explorer, such as using Azure Resource Manager templates directly or using Azure CLI/PowerShell scripts in combination with Terraform.