Applying multiple ARM templates using ForEach, File or Fileset


I’m stuck applying ARM templates for some elements that are not yet defined in Terraform. It would be ideal if I was able to loop through an object of ARM template files and apply them one by one. I’ve tried File and Fileset and the results are not what I expect. I am able to do a similar function with Powershell, but I am wondering how I can do this with TF.

Hi @ian.henry,

In order to help here I think it would be necessary to see what you tried so far and what result you saw.

You mentioned the results are not what you expect, so I assume you wrote something that executed successfully but generated a different result than you wanted. If so, it would be helpful to see the code you wrote, the result you saw, and the result you expected to see instead. It’s typically also helpful to know a little about the underlying need separately from the Terraform-based solution you decided to use for it, because sometimes answering these questions involves proposing a slightly different approach that might be a better fit for Terraform’s design.