Create multiple templates in a for loop

I would like to loop over a list and generate different template files based on each item in that list .

type locals {
  project_name = "${var.project}"
  my_list = ["allowed-users","denied-users"]

resource "null_resource" "run_my_template" {
  for_each = toset(local.my_list)
  provisioner "local-exec" {
   interpreter = ["bash", "-c"]
   command = "my-cli create -f $FILE"
   environment = { FILE = templatefile("${path.module}/artifacts/template/${each.value}.tftpl",  { project_name = local.project_name , action_from_my_list = ${each.value} } ) } 


using each.value is not accepted and returns:

This character is not used within the language.


Expected the start of an expression, but found an invalid expression token.

how can I create a list of template using the templatefile function or other based on a provided list of item ?