How to loop through dashboard template files

I there a way to loop through template files? I would like to provide a list of filenames and get terraform to loop through them.

Is it possible to use the for or foreach?

variable "dashboard_config" {
  type = list
  default = ["dashboard1.tpl","dashboard2.tpl"]

 resource "azurerm_dashboard" "azurerm_dashboard" {
  resource_group_name = "dashboards-rg01"
  location            = "eastus"

  dashboard_properties = templatefile(var.dashboard_config,
      dashboard_name = "dashboard-${var.service_name}"


I have tried the following it does loop through but have issues with the required format for dashboard properties and the to string breaks. This is documented and expected.

  dashboard_properties = tostring([
    for name in var.dashboard_config: