Athena CLI login with client id doesn't work

I was trying to login to Athena using a service principal at the CLI, but it doesn’t appear to work. I created a service principal on HCP with Viewer rights and copied the client id and secret. Then I ran the following command:

athena-cli login -client-id=CLIENT_ID -client-secret=CLIENT_SECRET

I don’t get back an error. But when I try to run any other command it says:

You are not currently logged in, please try using the athena login command to get started

I’m running 0.1.1 of the CLI on Windows.

Hey Ned,
Yes that’s something we are currently improving upon. Thanks for bringing that up! We are planning to evolve that in a way that you can export CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET as environment variables, and use the CLI commands post that.

We will share a new version once we have those updates in.