Logging into vlt CLI over SSH

I have some engineers working on and running applications and services on a remote development environment (connected over SSH) and it seems like there are some problems with the vlt CLI as when you go to login a browser window is opened to authenticate.

The problem is that because the vlt CLI tries to open a browser window for authentication and engineers are working in a headless environment the authentication fails.

Would it be possible to add a headless login flow to the vlt CLI so that people can login with their regular credentials (SSO, GitHub, etc) even when using a remote development environment?

I briefly evaluated doppler which provides a similar more polished alternative to HCP Vault Secrets and the way they handle this is by asking the user to enter a token generated by the CLI on the website as a means to link a specific login workflow to an account and authenticate.

Have you considered using a service principal with an associated access/secret key?

Check out the non-interactive login tab here Install HCP Vault Secrets CLI | Vault | HashiCorp Developer