Can you cache the results of the vlt cli?

so that when you do vlt run -- {server} it runs super fast after the first incarnation. also can we control where the vault secrets are hosted (in us-west instead of us-east?)

Hi @sualehasif ,

What platforms do you use for most workloads? Regarding caching, HCP Vault Secrets is designed to be the source of truth, and you can use secrets sync with AWS, GitHub and a few others (HCP Vault Secrets) to keep secrets close to their workloads. For example, you can maintain all your secrets in HCP Vault Secrets, sync to GitHub for various GitHub actions that may require access to secrets, to AWS for workloads there, and even use the Vault Secrets Operator to create secrets in Kubernetes.

I will ask about whether we plan to offer the ability to store secrets in certain regions.