Audit log and commands logs


Do you have this functionnality of your roadmap ?

  • Logging console to view the audit logs
  • Logging console to view the access logs (commands execution on SSH per example)
  • Logging to external stack (ElasticSearch, Graylog, etc.)
  • Metrics (/metrics for Prometheus)

Thanks for your work, Boundary is a good alternative to other professionnal tools :slight_smile:

Audit logs are absolutely on our roadmap. I’m not sure about a built-in logging console; I think more likely we’ll give you options to ship the logs to other platforms for viewing there. Our server log goes out to stderr and can easily be shipped wherever you like.

We also will be supporting OpenTelemetry and instrumenting telemetry/metrics throughout the codebase. We simply didn’t have time to get to that yet.

Thanks :slight_smile:
If you want a beta tester i’m here :smile: