Boundary 0.8.0 Released!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Boundary 0.8.0!

You can now download the Boundary 0.8.0 binary and the latest Docker image from our Dockerhub repository. For other questions please see our general Boundary downloads instructions.


Metrics and Health Endpoint: Boundary is adding Prometheus metrics to monitor the operations of workers and controllers, as well as a health endpoint for controllers. In addition, we have created a learn guide for Prometheus metrics.

Audit Event Logs: We are expanding the audit event logs by increasing the captured audit events, with support for sanitizing sensitive information from audit events. All of the events are now classified and events contain more usable data, with sensitive information redacted by default.

UI Support for Worker Tags: Users can now set and edit worker tag filters in the Boundary admin console.

Performance Improvements: We have implemented changes to improve performance on larger deployments; such as adding a refresh button in the admin console and desktop client, and improving response times listing sessions and targets. We plan to continue these efforts as Boundary users grow their deployments!

For a full list of features, patches, and details see the Boundary Changelog.

Thank you!

The Boundary Team

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