Authentication failed: ldap operation failed

I’m trying to configure a vault server with LDAP authentication in the docker, but I keep getting the operation failed message.
Here is my configuration:
Insecure TLS: false
User Attribute: samaccountname
binddn: CN=XXX,OU=accounts,DC=COMPANY,DC=COM
User DN: OU=accounts,DC=COMPANY,DC=COM
Bindpass: PASSWORD

Whenever we try to log with a user, the error shows up very quickly.
We are using Docker for Vault and we have other systems using LDAP authentication on the same Docker instance and are working just fine.

Hi! A quick way to test the config is to use ldapsearch to debug it. You can craft a working ldapsearch command and run it from inside the Docker container using something like $ docker exec -it dev-vault ldapsearch ....etc.... When you have that working and it’s getting exactly 1 hit, then you can translate that to a Vault config that should work.

If you can get ldapsearch to work in that fashion, and an identical Vault LDAP config doesn’t work, can you please post the working ldapsearch command, the Vault LDAP config, and the specific error you’re seeing?

I hope that helps.