LDAP conifguration failing for Vault

With below configuration LDAP doesn’t seems to working at my end,
url , userattr, userdn, groupdn, binddn, bindpass , insecure_tls=false, starttls= true

I am getting below errors for below combinations when I try to login using LDAP option:
a) insecure_tls=false, starttls= true:
“LDAP Result Code 200 “Network Error”: TLS handshake failed (x509: certificate is valid for”

b) insecure_tls=true, starttls= false:
"ldap operation failed "

I have not defined any policy? Is it required for just validating whether user is valid user or not?

Any inputs are highly appreciated. Thank you

I guess you have url configuration set to an address which hadn’t been included into certificate’s SAN of LDAP server

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