Autounattend with EFI

Has anyone gotten VirtualBox EFI with Windows Autounattend to work? I have VBox booting to EFI, added a boot_command to get it to boot to the BOOTx64.efi and it gets to installing windows with no intervention…yet Windows never sees the Autounattend.xml I have in floppy_files. Note: It DOES see the Autounattend if I go back to Legacy BIOS.windows_10_ovf_base.txt (2.0 KB)

I actually figured it out. I modified the SATA controller that Packer adds and added a secondary DVD drive with an iso that just has the Autounattend.xml in it. Windows will now see the Autounattend, yet never did with a floppy controller. Not ideal to have to create a separate ISO, but it works.windows_10_ovf_base.txt (2.7 KB)