Aws bridge network with consul

I am trying to create ecs cluster and consul (ec2 deployed) for service discovery.
I want to create ecs cluster with Tasks(bridge networking) and use consul on ec2 within same vpc for service discovery, ( everything in public subnet) . I have followed multiple documents but was not able to create the above infrastructure.

  1. Consul Connect Service Mesh :: Containers on AWS :: Architecture Patterns for AWS ECS and AWS Fargate This document creates tasks in public subnet and consul agent on ec2 but here tasks uses awsvpc networking.
  2. Service mesh with ECS and Consul on EC2 | Consul - HashiCorp Learn
    This document create tasks but they are in private subnet and uses NAT gateway.
    So basically my question is, Is it possible to create ecs cluster(ec2 type) where tasks uses bridge network and tasks are in public subnet and consul agent is on ec2 within same VPC ?