Aws_connect_queue issue?

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing issues with the AWS provider on this.

Not comfortable posting on Github as issue since I can’t provide all the logs due to policy.

I wasn’t able to create the Connect queues using TF either so I created a couple using console. But when creating “aws_connect_routing_profile”, which uses the “queue_id” of the already created connect_queue, it still complains. So I’m not sure if all resources related to aws_connect_queue are broken? or am I just crazy.

Terraform: 1.6.2
AWS Provider: 5.22.0

To Reproduce:

creating aws_connect_routing_profile using block such as this

resource “aws_connect_routing_profile” “route_to_en” {
instance_id = aws_connect_instance.this_instance.arn
name = “en_it_route”
default_outbound_queue_id = “84663480-8bd5-40b6-9b9d-fc3b3e8ce1ce”
description = “route to the EN queue”

media_concurrencies {
    channel     = "VOICE"
    concurrency = 1
# EN queue has higher priority
queue_configs {
    channel  = "VOICE"
    delay    = 2
    priority = 1
    queue_id = "84663480-8bd5-40b6-9b9d-fc3b3e8ce1ce"
queue_configs {
    channel  = "VOICE"
    delay    = 2
    priority = 2
    queue_id = "ee6c3119-c496-4a5f-9cb5-b9d637c0ec44"


The 2 queue_ids: “8466xxxx” and “ee6cxxxx” were created from console.
and verified from cli using command such as

aws connect list-queues --instance-id 3a68xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd9 --profile xxxxx

The error I’m getting:
Error: getting Connect Queue (arn:aws:connect:ca-central-1:acct_number_here:instance/3aconnect_instance_id_here9:7fe81a91-c844-478f-9cbd-58ab88c6be5c): InvalidParameterException: Invalid parameter: arn

it looks like it should be maybe “/queue/” as part of ARN instead of “:” before the queue ID.

thanks for your time