Aws_connect_routing_profile issue

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create a routing profile in aws connect via TF, which has worked fine, but I have more than 10 queue_configs and TF is erroring with the following;

Error: Too many queue_configs blocks
│   on line 190, in resource "aws_connect_routing_profile" "mclaims-3rdparty-rep-credithire":
│  190:   queue_configs {
│ No more than 10 "queue_configs" blocks are allowed

I can do this via the GUI without any issues, is there anyway to group the channels together in one queue_config block ?

queue_configs {
     channel  = "CHAT"
     delay    = 0
     priority = 4
     queue_id = aws_connect_queue.motor-claims-3rd-party-credit-hire-transfer.queue_id