Aws_wafv2_web_acl not working with ratebasedrule and nested and/or

i was able to create the following wafv2 rule in the json editor in aws, however it doesn’t seem to work when translating it to terraform language.

working json rule:workingrule.txt (2.0 KB)

is it perhaps unsupported via terraform because it’s too many nested levels?
The terraform version of the above is attached in brokenrule.txt. I get the error
Error: Unsupported block type
on line 41, in resource “aws_wafv2_web_acl” “acl”:
41: or_statement {
Blocks of type “or_statement” are not expected here.

brokenrule.txt (1.8 KB)

i’m using terraform v0.13.3, hashicorp/aws v2.70.0 provider. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!