Azure API Management Zones and Public IP

I see that the azurerm provider for azurerm_api_management supports zones. However, attempting to use multiple zones, which is a newly supported feature from MS errors during apply with:

Terraform command ‘apply’ failed with exit code ‘1’.: creating/updating API Management Service “my_apim_name” (Resource Group “my_resource_group”): apimanagement.ServiceClient#CreateOrUpdate: Failure sending request: StatusCode=0 – Original Error: Code=“NotSupported” Message=“Deploying Microsoft.ApiManagement/service into Virtual Network in location my_location and configuring Availability Zones (1,2,3) is only supported in api-version 2021-01-01-preview,2021-04-01-preview,2021-08-01 and setting property publicIpAddressId is a must. Refer to on how to create a Standard SKU Public IP Address resource.”

I can easily create a public ip address to use for this. But, what needs to be included for the apim resource to reference this public ip? Is it supported yet, or too new? Am i just missing it in the documentation?

Thank you for your time.

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