Azure cache for Redis takes more than 20 minutes to provision

I am deploying azure redis cache using Terraform’s ARM provider using a release pipeline in Azure devops along with many other resources for my project. All other resources like event hubs, app services, storage accounts etc and even a cosmos db account takes lesser amount of time to create, however redis instance is taking more than 20 minutes every time i provision and the delay in redis also gives error to other services which might get picked by terraform’s service asynchronously for provisioning. can someone check if this is an issue at Terraform’s provider end or is it something which azure team have to take care of.

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Looks to be a common experience even during an ARM deployment.

An ARM deployment interacts with the azure API in a (somewhat) similar way to the Azure-sdk-for-go which is what the azure provider uses, so it will be a similar experience - ergo I’m suggesting it’s an upstream (azure API) issue.

For comparison, deploying a recovery-service for VMs using terraform can take a hour or more just for an 80gb disk because the azure API spec. means that it needs the VM protection to be running before some post-protection settings are configured - specifically IP addressing.

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Yeah, I’m facing the same issue. Was your problem solved?

Yeah we are still facing this issue 3 years later. Anyone know of any resolution?