Internal Server Error when creating Azure Redis Cache during Terraform Apply


I’m getting the following error on the Terraform cloud workspace portal during the terraform apply:

Error: creating Redis Cache "demobotuatredis" (Resource Group "demobot-uat"): redis.Client#Create: Failure sending request: StatusCode=500 -- Original Error: Code="InternalServerError" Message="Something went wrong. RequestID=19309c33-6c65-4a47-8284-51b8351bbcf0"

I was also able to replicate this via Terraform cli. Below is the config for creating the redis cache resource:

resource "azurerm_redis_cache" "redis" {
  name                = "${local.client_prefix_app}redis"
  location            = var.location
  resource_group_name =
  capacity            = var.redis_config.capacity
  family              =
  sku_name            = var.redis_config.sku
  redis_version       = "6"
  enable_non_ssl_port = false
  minimum_tls_version = "1.2"

The Terraform version is: 1.3.5

I’ve checked several places, but haven’t come across this specific issue. Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this?