Azure - Restored DATA disks upsetting Terraform

We’re running Terraform code via concourse
So when of course a change is made directly in Azure it can get picked up depending on what it is when the terraform code is rerun for whatever new change required.

I’m sure others must have this issue ?

I manually restore an azure data volume and its restore name always includes the date and time.
I then manually add the restored volume to the VM and all works well.
However when terraform is run it notices the volume is different and wants to destroy it, which would give me a nice blank volume.

I’ve tried deleteing the original data volume
Then copying the restored data volume to a new volume and giving it the original volume name, then mounting the correctly named volume to the vm.

But terraform sees it as the restored volume name with the date and time
So It then wants to destroy the volume and replace with a new one.

The only way I can think of at the moment is to add the restored drive to the VM and copy the data accross. Then detach the restored drive

Anyone know a better way ?