Azure VM managed OS disk rename

I have some Azure VMs where the OS disks seem to have been replaced with new disks from backup snapshots. When I run a plan now Terraform indicates it needs to change the parameter for the VM resources.

      ~ storage_os_disk {
            caching                   = "ReadWrite"
            create_option             = "FromImage"
            disk_size_gb              = 127
            managed_disk_id           = "/subscriptions/<snip>/resourceGroups/<snip>/providers/Microsoft.Compute/disks/hv-agent-13-final-rescue"
            managed_disk_type         = "Premium_LRS"
          ~ name                      = "hv-agent-13-final-rescue" -> "hv-agent-os-disk-13"
            os_type                   = "Windows"
            write_accelerator_enabled = false

The storage_os_disk.managed_id parameters for these VM resources are correct (ie the ID of the new disk), and don’t show any needed change in the plan.

I understand you can’t rename a managed disk in Azure, so I’m hoping for some tips on what to expect will happen if we apply.

Follow-up question, what’s the correct way to replace a VM’s OS disk with a new volume from backup snapshots without tripping up Terraform?