Azure StreamAnalytics Job of hosting environment 'edge'

I need to create Stream Analytics job resource in Azure using Terraform.
Terraform version is 1.2
azurerm_version is 2.67.0

│ Error: Unsupported argument│
│ on streamanalytics/ line 35, in resource “azurerm_stream_analytics_job” “ixstream2”:
│ 35: jobType = "Edge"│
│ An argument named “jobType” is not expected here.

Code snippet:
#this is used to deploy the job to an IoT Gateway Edge device.
resource “azurerm_stream_analytics_job” “ixstream2” {
name = “ixstreamedgejob”
resource_group_name = var.stream_rg
location = var.location
compatibility_level = “1.1”
data_locale = “en-GB”
events_late_arrival_max_delay_in_seconds = 0
events_out_of_order_max_delay_in_seconds = 5
events_out_of_order_policy = “Adjust”
output_error_policy = “Stop”
streaming_units = 3
jobType = “Edge” ## this was added to make the job of type edge##
tags = {
environment = “test”

transformation_query = <<QUERY


I don’t see any option in the terraform documentation to create this. Can someone shed some light on how can I create this resource so that input and output for this job can be ‘edgehub’.