AzureDisk-CSI - not able to use

I am testing out using CSI in Nomad, and thought I’d have a go at using the AzureDisk CSI-plugin

First issue was that the node-job was failing (referencing k8s variables missing), and I eventually figured out I had to go all the way back to version v1.12.0 of the Microsoft Container for it to become healthy (current version is “v1.23.0”).

I was able to create volumes on azure, using “nomad volume create”, but when trying to use them in a nomad job, I got error relating to topology:

nomad job plan csi-demo.nomad.hcl
- WARNING: Failed to place all allocations.
  Task Group "demo" (failed to place 1 allocation):
    * Class "standard": 1 nodes excluded by filter
    * Constraint "did not meet topology requirement": 1 nodes excluded by filter
  1. I am obviously missing something here, and my knowlege of csi-drivers are apparently lacking. Any help understanding why this is failing would be much appreciated.
  2. Any other csi-plugins that are better to use with/on Azure (working examples would be great)?
  3. Anyone know/able to see why the newer versions of the plugin fails? Changes from 1.12 → 1.13

I tried using the latest azure-blob-driver instead (same setup), with no issues, so it Saul Goodman.