CSI on Windows Nomad nodes

Is there a way to configure the CSI plugin on Nomad Windows nodes? With SMB or NFS volumes. Does anyone have a working solution?

Microsoft Artifact Registry - looks like it not support Nomad (Kubernetes only). docker.io/democraticcsi/democratic-csi - can’t configure on Windows nodes.

I found working solutions for Linux only.

Hi @adronkin

Maybe this could help? Guide to SMB-CSI Driver

Assuming the plugin abstracts enough things for it to work on Windows…

I’ve also written a blog post based on the link I provided, hopefully can be of some use: Samba/CIFS volumes and Nomad

Hi @carroarmato0 !
Thank you for you message!

Unfortunately I saw both articles.
It seems, csi_plugin block can’t work with Windows. But I can’t find confirmation of this, only my experience.