Azurerm_data_factory_pipeline doesn't work with Fail Activity

I’m trying to deploy a data factory pipeline that contains a Fail Activity as one of its activities. I’m defining the activities as a block of json included in the resource as a template file, with the fail activity defined as follows:

                    "name": "fail-if-table-absent",
                    "type": "Fail",
                    "dependsOn": [],
                    "userProperties": [],
                    "typeProperties": {
                        "message": {
                            "value": "Requested table @{pipeline().parameters.table_name} does not exist",
                            "type": "Expression"
                        "errorCode": "1"

When I deploy this however, the Fail activity gets replaced by an activity with "type" = "activity" instead, which isn’t valid. I’ve taken a scan through the source code, and suspect that the Fail activity just isn’t supported at present. Is anyone please able to confirm this, and/or suggest a workaround?

Many thanks!

There’s already an option issue for that.

Many thanks, I hadn’t found that.