Azurerm_function_app An argument named "scm_use_main_ip_restriction" is not expected here

We are experinging an issue when we try and use the scm_use_main_ip_restriction option in the siteconfig for azurerm_function_app, when we run terraform plan this fails with.

Error: Unsupported argument

in resource "azurerm_function_app" "functionapp-proxy":
  57:     scm_use_main_ip_restriction = true

An argument named "scm_use_main_ip_restriction" is not expected here.

Terraform (and AzureRM Provider) Version

Terraform version 0.13.5
AzureRM 2.34.0

Affected Resource(s)

  • azurerm_function_app

Terraform Configuration Files

resource "azurerm_function_app" "functionapp-proxy" {
  name                       = "${var.system_name}-proxy"
  location                   = azurerm_resource_group.functionapprg.location
  resource_group_name        =
  app_service_plan_id        =
  storage_account_name       = var.storageaccount
  storage_account_access_key = var.storageaccountkey
  version = "~2"

  site_config {
    min_tls_version = 1.2

    dynamic "ip_restriction" {
      for_each = var.iprangeslist
      content {
        ip_address  = ip_restriction.ipaddress

    scm_use_main_ip_restriction = true


Expected Behavior

Terraform Plan to complete

Actual Behavior

terraform plan fails with
An argument named "scm_use_main_ip_restriction" is not expected here.

Steps to Reproduce

terraform init
terraform plan