VSTSRM value in repo_url in function_app

When I deploy a “azurerm_function_app” via Terraform, it creates a “source_control” properties block, with repo_url set to “”, which is correct.

When we then deploy a function into that function app, and run the infrastructure pipeline again, it changes that repo_url to “VSTSRM” in the state file… and then fails with:

Error: failed to create App Service Source Control for “sr-dm-tst-we-app” (Resource Group “SR-DM-TST-WE-RG”): web.AppsClient#CreateOrUpdateSourceControl: Failure sending request: StatusCode=400 – Original Error: Code=“BadRequest” Message=“Operation not supported: RepoUrl VSTSRM is not supported.” Details=[{“Message”:“Operation not supported: RepoUrl VSTSRM is not supported.”},{“Code”:“BadRequest”},{“ErrorEntity”:{“Code”:“BadRequest”,“ExtendedCode”:“51024”,“Message”:“Operation not supported: RepoUrl VSTSRM is not supported.”,“MessageTemplate”:“Operation not supported: {0}”,“Parameters”:[“RepoUrl VSTSRM is not supported.”]}}]

It also deletes the existing function from the azurerm_function_app.

Where is that VSTSRM coming from? We don’t specify it anywhere, but Terraform seems to create it, and then fail because it’s there.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?