Configure Source Control (SCM) for azurerm_app_service


I have currently configured a web app service in Azure via Terraform. One option is site_config > scm_type ( What is the recommended way to specify the repo URL and branch for this newly created app?



Hello @mskccdanielm1!

Have you tried the source_control block? It’s a top-level attribute but should point to the repo URL & branch for your SCM type. Let me know, we might have to update the documentation for clarity if it achieves what you’re looking to do.

Hi @joatmon08,

Thanks for the reply. I tried to update my main configuration file with the source_control block, but received errors both at top level and nested inside the site config.

Top level placement Error: "source_control": this field cannot be set

Nested in site config: Error: Unsupported block type