AzureRM Provider Resource List

Does anyone know of a list either in the gh repo hashicorp/terraform-provider-azurerm, a webpage, or some api of all the supported resource types for the azurerm provider? I realize I could always clone the repo and do some iteration over the services folder with some pattern reference, but there has to be a list somewhere.

With the release of 1.5 and the import block, I had an idea to run a “az resource list --resource-group ‘rg’” that output the resources and resourceIds and then pipe the output to the info block in a new file. I would just have to map out all the Azure providers to their terraform resource type. For example “Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts” = “azurerm_storage_account.”

I am not trying to solve any specific problem that Terrafy doesn’t already do. I am more just curious to see if I can get it to work.

If anyone has any other suggestions on how to go about this, please let me know.