How to get a list of resource groups in Terraform?

I want to get all resource groups in the subscription using Terraform. The goal of it is to go through the storage accounts in these resource groups and create resources based on those storage accounts. I would want to avoid using the Azure CLI.

I’ve tried the following things but the list of resource groups is always empty:

data "azurerm_resources" "resource_groups" {
  type = "Microsoft.Resources/resourceGroups"
data "azapi_resource_list" "all_resource_groups" {
  // Get version from here:
  type                   = "Microsoft.Resources/resourceGroups@2022-09-01"
  parent_id              = "/subscriptions/${data.azurerm_client_config.current.subscription_id}"
  response_export_values = ["name"]

I also added an output to check the result and this is what it shows:

  + all_resource_groups = {
      + id                     = "/subscriptions/<redacted>/resourceGroups"
      + output                 = jsonencode({})
      + parent_id              = "/subscriptions/<redacted>"
      + response_export_values = [
          + "name",
      + timeouts               = null
      + type                   = "Microsoft.Resources/resourceGroups@2022-09-01"

Note that after getting the resource groups I’m going to filter them in a for loop so that only certain resource groups are included but the resource groups may not exist which is why it is necessary to fetch them first.