Basic use of a Secret Engine

Having just installed Vault I am now trying to understand how it works.

I am using postman to try to get a secret from Vault. I created a new secret called Test in cubbyhole and accessed it by using a get to:


and I get the secret back correctly.

I then added a new KV (v1) secrets engine called Apps and created a secret called Test in it and tried to access it using:


where I get the response:

{“errors”:["1 error occurred:\n\t read failed: decryption failed: cipher: message authentication failed\n\n"]}*

I am connecting using the root token and I can see the secret in the UI. What am I doing wrong?

Hi. That’s a pretty low level error that you might see if the storage was corrupted somehow. Can you successfully read the secret in the UI? (It wasn’t clear whether you meant it was just being listed or actually read.) If so, try viewing the browser’s request using it’s debug console, to see the exactly details of the [successful] request.


Thanks Jim,

Looking at the request in the console hadn’t occurred to me (actually would be a cool feature if the UI showed the api calls it was making).

Once I copied the call it all started working correctly…no idea what I had wrong but it’s all good now.

thanks so much :slight_smile:

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