Bbl up on linux throwing this error: Error installing provider "openstack": openpgp: signature made by unknown entity

All, I am trying to get my terraform scripts to work on linux with openstack and I am seeing this error:

Initializing provider plugins…

Error installing provider “openstack”: openpgp: signature made by unknown entity.

Terraform analyses the configuration and state and automatically downloads

plugins for the providers used. However, when attempting to download this

plugin an unexpected error occured.

This may be caused if for some reason Terraform is unable to reach the

plugin repository. The repository may be unreachable if access is blocked

by a firewall.

If automatic installation is not possible or desirable in your environment,

you may alternatively manually install plugins by downloading a suitable

distribution package and placing the plugin’s executable file in the

following directory:


I am installing bosh and bbl using homebrew, here are the commands:

  • runuser -l stack -c ‘echo “eval $(/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin/brew shellenv)” >> /opt/stack/.bash_profile’

  • runuser -l stack -c ‘eval $(/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin/brew shellenv)’

  • runuser -l stack -c ‘brew install cloudfoundry/tap/bosh-cli’

  • runuser -l stack -c ‘brew install bbl’

This used to work earlier this year but Im not sure who to ask for help as I use cloudfoundry tap’s and other opensource software. Could someone give me a hint of where to go?