Blocks of type "azure_blob_fs_location" are not expected here

I am currently deploying Azure Data Factory IaC with Terraform and DevOps Pipelines. When trying to deploy a new Delimited Text Dataset, I run into the following error:

│ Error: Unsupported block type

│ on line 7, in resource “azurerm_data_factory_dataset_delimited_text” “test_dataset”:
│ 7: azure_blob_fs_location {

│ Blocks of type “azure_blob_fs_location” are not expected here.

##[error]Bash exited with code ‘1’.

This is my .tf file:

resource "azurerm_data_factory_dataset_delimited_text" "test_dataset" {
  name                = "test_dataset"
  resource_group_name = "test-rsg"
  data_factory_name   = "test-adf"
  linked_service_name = "AzureDataLakeStorage1"
  azure_blob_fs_location {
    file_system = "csv-dump-demo"
    path = ""
    filename = "personal_customer_data.csv"

  column_delimiter    = ","
  row_delimiter       = "\r\n"
  encoding            = "UTF-8"
  quote_character     = "\""
  escape_character    = "\\"
  first_row_as_header = true
  null_value          = "NULL"

The Terraform documentation for Delimited Text Dataset states, that exactly one of the following location blocks need to be defined, in order to make the Dataset work:

  • azure_blob_fs_location
  • azure_blob_storage_location
  • http_server_location

Why is Terraform plan telling me that it is a unsupported block type? Am I missing something?