Boundary 0.2.0 OIDC


read the latest 0.2.0 release and checked you released oidc, but cant seem to activate it in the ui.

any info on this?

Hi there! Boundary UIs support OIDC authentication only. OIDC configuration can be achieved via the CLI and/or API at this time. OIDC configuration via the admin UI is coming soon!

any docs on how to config it through cli?

Check out this learn guide: OIDC Authentication | Boundary - HashiCorp Learn

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@malnick Thanks, that’s the “missing link” in, or actually could be more precise, at the end of the first paragraph in v0.2.0 | Boundary by HashiCorp … get started with the new [Boundary OIDC learn tutorial]
currently points to Boundary Tutorials - HashiCorp Learn
better OIDC Authentication | Boundary - HashiCorp Learn

yeah thanks it working!

just weird username generation when using oidc with auth0 for example.

Can you explain what you mean by “weird username generation”?