Boundary 0.7.4 is very slow

I am running boundary 0.7.4 and it is very slow, almost to the point of being unusable. What should I be looking at for scaling? My controller is sitting at a pretty average load of 0.3, and my worker is sitting at a load of 0.1. This feels like its not CPU bound, and both are on a 10G network, so I really don’t think its network bound either. I don’t think this is a memory issue but I unfortunately don’t have long term data for that.

What could be going wrong here?

Do you have any interesting events in the output from the controller or worker? We’re fixing some database issues in a release that should be later this week that have caused some deadlocks in the DB which could have this end result.

Overall I didn’t see any particularly interesting things in the log. I think the most interesting thing I’ve discovered recently is periodically controllers will just crash with no log output. I have put more restart logic in place and it appears to work more reliably after doing that.

Hey there, we recently pushed new release, 0.7.6, and I’m curious to know if you’re still seeing issues with that latest version. Thank you!

Hi @malnick,

It mostly works. I think there was some stability issue with 0.7.4 as well, now that I have 0.7.6 running with runit and it appears to mostly just work now.

Great, thanks for letting me know. If it does come up again, please reach out!