Boundary available for scoop users (windows)

Hello community,

I just add Scoop Manifest for Boundary.
To install boundary with scoop for your Windows platform, you can do: scoop install boundary

Will be great if we can add it into the HashiCorp Learn - Install Boundary.

You can find the merged commit in the Scoop Main bucket repository.

If you have any question, feel free to ask it.

Have a nice day,

Thanks for contribution @mehdilaruelle!

Let me run this up the flag pole and I’ll get back to soon.

@mehdilaruelle - I spoke @yhyakuna, our lead for education engineering, and she is going to add this our learn guide around installing via apt, yum, and brew.

Thank you again for the contribution!

Thank you @malnick !

@yhyakuna : I do the same for Waypoint too.
Here for Waypoint:

Thanks you again !

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It’s added to Boundary Install tutorial now.

As for Waypoint, the Waypoint team is aware and will handled it.

Thank you.