Boundary : cannot see targets

Dear experts,
on a bare-metal server, I have installed boundary with docker-compose and postgresqlmanually (w/o terrafom) (i.e., boundary-reference-architecture/deployment/docker at main · hashicorp/boundary-reference-architecture · GitHub).

Boundary server : 0.11
Boundary Desktop : 1.5.0

I have got the default Global Organization with Password Authentication and I have created a new one with Azure Active Directory (let’s say B) then I have created some targets on B.

When connecting with the default admin user on Global, I can see all targets but when connecting using AAD on B, I cannot see any target.

I associated the following role to the user at organization level B:


Could you please advice?



Can you provide more info about the roles you’re creating? Did you add the AAD user to the role via either the user, a group, or a managed group?