Boundary desktop oauth expiration

I have found that when I leave boundary desktop running when the oidc auth expires it drops to a permission denied screen instead of back to the login prompt. I am checking to see if this is something wrong on my end or if this behavior is what everyone see before I make a github issue.

I just logged into a session; what is it, a 12-hour expiration by default? I’ll check back in around 1 AM tonight… :grin:

Hah fair enough, I use keycloak and can kill the session and replicated with in a hour. just wanna make sure its a issue in desktop and not my keycloak instance

I went ahead and deleted my token and I’m seeing the same thing you are I think. In fact not only does it immediately pop a 403, I can’t even click on the link to Sessions if I was looking at Targets when the token expired, or vice-versa. (Not that I’d see anything but another 403 if I did, mind.)

Cool I will go ahead report.