Impossible to connect with Desktop Client and Keycloak

We hace configure boundary 0.15.0 with a keycloak IDP, it seems to work because we manage to connect to boundary and keycloak with command line.
But when we try to use the desktop client, we have this error when we click on the sign in button :
Authentication Failed
Where/how can i have more logs ? is anybody know where is the problem ?
Stephane Didierjean


Thanks for using Boundary!

I have a few quick questions regarding this error: when you try and authenticate through the desktop browser, does an external window open with your OIDC url? If not, is your OIDC auth url secure (i.e. it uses HTTPS)? If not, that is most likely what the error is.

Apologies for not clearly show what the error is and unfortunately we also don’t have any logs for the desktop client yet which we’re definitely working on to improve.