Boundary monitoring

Hello everyone,
I would like to know if Boundary has capabilities to monitor or record sessions in order to avoid that if a user connects to a target it does not download information or blocks him if he is trying to do so.
Thank you.

Hi @losuan ,

I wanted to clarify the separate asks:

  1. Recording and monitoring sessions. This is a planned future direction for HCP Boundary but we don’t yet have timelines for when this capability will arrive. There’s an existing community ask that we are actively tracking and (upvotes encouraged if you feel this is a priority).
  2. The ability to limit what actions can be performed within a session against a target. To accomplish this, we advise that customers configure an account/role on the target with a limited level of actions that can be performed. That role’s credential can then be managed by Vault or stored in a static credential store so that access to the role is only granted when going through Boundary, and even then the actions that can be performed are limited by the role’s permissions. An example of this is using a Boundary target to grant access to specific postgres db role, which you can walk through in our learn tutorial here. Would this accomplish the type of permission-limiting you are trying to do?