Box_url with scp wont let me specify an identify file

Im trying to distribute a packaged base box and I want to use one of my existing servers that global developers have access to with a pem file.

I am aware of vagrant cloud but that is not an option here in this case.

it looks like the packaged curl command does indeed support scp but for some reason it is not respecting the values I have in my ~/.ssh/config and its not providing the identity file and username when vagrant up is ran.

I can confirm that the following command does work.

/opt/vagrant/embedded/bin/curl --verbose "scp://" --insecure --key ~/.ssh/my-key.pem --user admin: --output

How can i pass the required options to the base_url?

In particular, I need to specify:

  • –key
  • –user

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, I have wasted about 10 hours on this so far.

UPDATE: I have created an issue in github and stackoverflow as well.