Broadcasting static role rotated database credentials to many microservices as per TTL set

Hello , greetings !! We have a requirement in which hashicorp vault rotated static database credentials needs to be broadcasted to multiple microservices because of existing user credentials to be referred by many services.How can these rotated static credentials be broadcasted to many services to be set in their datasource ? Can kafka be used for this requirement ? Any security concerns for storing db credentials for short duration on kakfa topic ? Please suggest.

Sorry, but I really think you’re going about this the wrong way.

Rather than building a complex custom infrastructure to broadcast a single password, put the engineering time towards giving each service its own credentials instead.

Thank you for the reply , the option as you mentioned is of dynamic role rotation with lease lifecycle is already suggested (infact POC is also done) but current code for microservices uses shared existing single user account hence to be broadcasted and looking for any option.