By using the new HCP Waypoint, how does an application developer assign its application image?

Hi all, I’m having a try on Waypoint. It has a great upgrade to HCP Waypoint recently, which separates the responsibilities of application engineers and platform engineers. The former focuses on the application developing, and the latter focuses on the
platform provision. I think it’s an awesome promotion, and fits the philosophy of Platform Engineering. For an application engineer, the only thing he needs to do is to choose the template and add-ons that the platform engineer provides, and there is no input for the template and add-ons.
But here comes to my confusion, for the fundamental configurations of an application, e.g. image, command, envs, how an application developer configures them? It seems the only way is to change the variable sets of the template, or create a new template, which are both performed by the platform engineer, but they are obviously application related configurations. Furthermore, if an application developer wants some customized configurations, does the only choice is to ask the platform engineer to establish a new template or add-on, can he or she accomplish it by himself or herself? It seems an application developer can do really limited thing.
And, in the new HCP Waypoint, where does an application engineer holds his or her application repository? How does HCL Waypoint interact with the application codes? In the old Waypoint, the waypoint.hcl, Procfile just exist at the root path of the application repository.
Besides, I’m trying to finish the tutorial, it asks for Terraform Cloud Plus or Enterprise, which needs I pay for it, but there is no simple way to pay (I must contact the sales, but I only want to have the account for maybe one day for a try), so that I cannot finish the tutorial. Undoubtedly, if there is a free account for tutorial, it will be much better. :grinning:

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