Waypoint 0.2.0 Released

We released Waypoint 0.2.0!

Please see the announcement blog post.



  • Application config syncing with Kubernetes (ConfigMaps), Vault, Consul, and AWS SSM;
    Automatically sync environment variable values with remote sources and restart your
    application when those values change. [GH-810]
  • Access to Artifact, Deploy Metadata: registry and deploy configuration can use
    artifact.* variable syntax to access metadata from the results of those stages.
    The release configuration can use artifact.* and deploy.* to access metadata.
    For example: image = artifact.image for Docker-based builds. [GH-757]
  • template Functions: templatefile, templatedir, and templatestring functions
    allow you to template files, directories, and strings with the variables and functions
    available to your Waypoint configuration.
  • path Variables: you can now use path.project, path.app, and path.pwd as
    variables in your Waypoint file to specify paths as relative to the project (waypoint.hcl
    file), app, or pwd of the CLI invocation.
  • Server snapshot/restore: you can now use the CLI or API to take and restore online
    snapshots. Restoring snapshot data requires a server restart but the restore operation
    can be staged online. [GH-870]


  • cli/logs: entrypoint logs can now be seen alongside app logs and are colored differently [GH-855]
  • contrib/serverinstall: Automate setup of kind+k8s with metallb [GH-845]
  • core: application config changes (i.e. waypoint config set) will now restart running applications [GH-791]
  • core: add more descriptive text to include app name in waypoint destroy [GH-807]
  • core: add better error messaging when prefix is missing from the -raw flag in waypoint config set [GH-815]
  • core: align -raw flag to behave like -json flag with waypoint config set [GH-828]
  • core: waypoint.hcl can be named waypoint.hcl.json and use JSON syntax [GH-867]
  • install: Update flags used on server install per-platform [GH-882]
  • install/k8s: support for OpenShift [GH-715]
  • internal/server: Block on instance deployment becoming available [GH-881]
  • plugin/aws-ecr: environment variables to be used instead of ‘region’ property for aws-ecr registry [GH-841]
  • plugin/google-cloud-run: allow images from Google Artifact Registry [GH-804]
  • plugin/google-cloud-run: added service account name field [GH-850]
  • server: APIs for Waypoint database snapshot/restore [GH-723]
  • website: many minor improvements were made in our plugin documentation section for this release


  • core: force killed waypoint exec sessions won’t leave the remote process running [GH-827]
  • core: waypoint exec with no TTY won’t hang open until a ctrl-c [GH-830]
  • cli: server config-set doesn’t require a Waypoint configuration file. [GH-819]
  • cli/token: fix issue where tokens could be cut off on narrow terminals [GH-885]
  • plugin/aws-ecs: task_role_name is optional [GH-824]

A full list of changes for this release can be found in the changelog.

The Waypoint Team

Changelog - https://github.com/hashicorp/waypoint/blob/v0.2.0/CHANGELOG.md
Binaries - https://releases.hashicorp.com/waypoint/0.2.0