Waypoint 0.7.0 released

We released Waypoint 0.7.0!



  • Source variable values from remote systems: The default value for input variables
    can now use the configdynamic function to source data from Vault, Consul,
    Terraform Cloud, and more. This is a pluggable system. [GH-2889]
  • Workspace and Label-scoped Configuration: Build, registry, deploy, and
    release configurations can now be changed depending on the current workspace
    or label sets. This can be used to alter configurations between environments
    (staging, production, etc.) or metadata (region, etc.). [GH-2699]
  • Core: Introduce RunTriggers to Waypoint Server and CLI. Triggers can be configured
    ahead of time to execute lifecycle operations on demand through the Waypoint API.
    Currently, only the gRPC API is supported, but in the future an HTTP endpoint
    will be added to be used within CI. [GH-2840]
  • ui/auth: users can now authenticate through the UI using an OIDC provider [GH-2688]
  • ui: Add Exec Terminal to the web UI [GH-2849]
  • ui: Added a tab with an overview of the resources provisioned by operations [GH-2777]
  • ui: Added timeline component to artifact details pages [GH-2793]
  • ui: Update UI of builds and releases tab [GH-2852]
  • ui: add workspace switcher to app pages [GH-2674]
  • ui: reformatted app overview page and header of artifact details page [GH-2606]


  • cli: Add alias for -app and -workspace flags [GH-2700]
  • cli: Add new workspace create command [GH-2797]
  • cli: Deprecate -remote flag for operations, replace with -local flag [GH-2771]
  • cli: Enhance warning for project flag mismatches when project parsed from config [GH-2815]
  • cli: Report where each operation runs (locally vs remotely) [GH-2795]
  • cli: Warn if about to perform a remote operation with a dirty local git state [GH-2799]
  • install/nomad: Ensure static runner has started during install by validating its
    running status for a few seconds once it is in a “running” state. [GH-2698]
  • plugin/docker: inject arm64 Waypoint entrypoints for arm images [GH-2692]
  • plugin/ecs: Implement the destruction of AWS resources created when deploying a workspace [GH-2684]
  • plugin/pack: detect non-Intel Docker server and show a warning [GH-2692]
  • serverinstall/ecs: Add permissions to the ECS runner IAM policy to allow the removal of security groups and de-registration of task [GH-2684]
  • serverinstall: Set Nomad’s ODR profile name to “nomad” [GH-2713]
  • ui: Improved UX of screen readers’ transition between pages [GH-2837]
  • ui: Updated list items UI on deployments tab [GH-2879]
  • ui: Updated the deployments tab UI/UX [GH-2773]
  • ui: upgraded icons to flight icons library [GH-2681]


  • core: configdynamic has been renamed to dynamic. The existing function
    name continues to work but is deprecated and may be removed in a future version. [GH-2892]
  • plugin/docker: img-based Dockerless builds are no longer supported.
    Dockerless builds are still fully supported via Kaniko and on-demand
    runners that shipped in Waypoint 0.6. Static runners without access to
    a Docker daemon can no longer build images. [GH-2534]


  • cli: Added check for empty deployUrl in output for release switch case [GH-2755]
  • cli: Fix issue where users could not disable project polling from the CLI [GH-2673]
  • core: fix issue where runners would fail but not shut down [GH-2571]
  • ui: Fix edge case issue where users would not be redirected to the authentication screen if no api token was set [GH-2696]
  • ui: Logs & Exec Terminals resize smoothly [GH-2890]

Changelog - waypoint/CHANGELOG.md at v0.7.0 · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub
Binaries - waypoint v0.7.0 Binaries | HashiCorp Releases

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