Waypoint 0.5.0 Released

We released Waypoint 0.5.0!



  • Status Reports: Waypoint now has multiple improvements to support status
    checks for deployed resources. See Improvements for more.
  • Input variables: Waypoint now allows users to parameterize the waypoint.hcl
    file through an input variable system. [GH-1548]
  • OIDC Authentication and User Accounts: Waypoint now has a user account system
    and can be configured to sign up and log in users using any OIDC provider
    such as Google, GitLab, etc. [GH-1831]
  • cli: can login with a token using the new waypoint login command [GH-1848]
  • cli: new “waypoint user” CLI for user management [GH-1864]
  • core: platform plugins may now advertise deployment-specific URLs [GH-1387]
  • ui: Show deployment URL if available [GH-1739]
  • ui: added button on individual artifact (deployments + releases) page for on demand health checks [GH-1911]


  • Status reports: server: Continuously generate a status report for an application after the initial
    deployment or release for projects backed by a git data source [GH-1801]
  • cli: Adds a -git-path flag to waypoint project apply [GH-2013]
  • core: git poller setting to optionally ignore changes outside of the configured project path [GH-1821]
  • entrypoint: Can disable waypoint exec only by setting the
    WAYPOINT_CEB_DISABLE_EXEC environment variable to a truthy value. [GH-1973]
  • plugin/aws/alb: Update ALB Releaser to use new SDK Resource Manager [GH-1648]
  • plugin/aws/ecs: Add ability to specify security group IDs [GH-1919]
  • plugin/docker: Enables image build for specified platform [GH-1949]
  • plugin/google: Add non-blocking alert if unable to delete revision [GH-2005]
  • plugin/google: Implement DestroyWorkspace to cleanup all created resources [GH-2005]
  • plugin/google: Update Google Cloud platform to use SDK Resource Manager [GH-2005]
  • plugin/google: Update error message to be more helpful [GH-1958]
  • plugin/k8s: Include deployment and release resources in waypoint status output. [GH-2024]
  • plugin/k8s: Update K8s Releaser to use SDK Resource Manager [GH-1938]
  • plugin/k8s: Updates release status report to check k8s service status [GH-2024]
  • plugin/nomad: Add consul service optional flags [GH-2033]
  • plugin/nomad: Update Nomad platform to use SDK Resource Manager [GH-1941]
  • ui: Add ability to add input variables in the project settings UI [GH-1658]
  • ui: Add dynamic page titles [GH-1916]
  • ui: Add git commit SHAs to operations in the browser UI [GH-2025]
  • ui: Update authentication page with new supported waypoint user token command. [GH-2006]


  • plugin/aws-alb: Fix issue destroying when Target Group still in use [GH-1648]
  • plugin/docker: Fix docker buildkit build failures [GH-1937]
  • plugin/nomad: Fix case where nomad error would be ignored during a status check [GH-1723]
  • plugin/k8s: Fix ports configurability [GH-1650]
  • serverinstall/ecs: Handle errors when resources are already destroyed [GH-1984]
  • ui: Display and read/write base64 strings correctly in SSH and Hcl inputs [GH-1967]

The Waypoint Team

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