Waypoint 0.5.2 Released

We released Waypoint 0.5.2!


  • cli: Add a new command for inspecting project information, waypoint project inspect. [GH-2055]


  • cli/status: Include a way to refresh project application statuses for deployments and releases with a ‘-refresh’ flag before showing the status view [GH-2081]

  • cli: Add functionality to list releases with waypoint release list command [GH-2082]

  • core: App status polling will always queue status reports refresh jobs for latest deployment and release if present [GH-2039]

  • plugin/aws-ecs: Allow configuration of ALB subnets independently of service subnets [GH-2205]

  • plugin/aws-ecs: Allow public ip assignment for tasks to be disabled [GH-2205]

  • plugin/aws-ecs: Deployments delete their resources on failure. [GH-2098]

  • plugin/aws-ecs: Error messages contain additional context [GH-2098]

  • plugin/aws-ecs: Improve security of ECS tasks by restricting ingress to the ALB [GH-2098]

  • plugin/aws-ecs: More complete list of resources displayed in waypoint deploy logs [GH-2098]

  • plugin/aws-ecs: Support for status reports, enabling waypoint status for ECS deployments [GH-2098]

  • plugin/aws: Add ability to pass IAM policy ARNs for attaching to task role [GH-1935]


  • internal/config: Fix parsing of complex HCL types in -var-file [GH-2217]

  • plugin/aws-ecs: Fix panic when specifying a sidecar without a health check [GH-2098]

  • plugin/nomad: Only use non-empty job.StatusDescription for HealthMessage [GH-2093]

  • server/singleprocess: Stop returning error when polling an app with no deployment or release [GH-2204]

  • ui: Fix leaky project repository settings being reused when creating a new project [GH-2250]


The Waypoint Team

Changelog - https://github.com/hashicorp/waypoint/blob/v0.5.2/CHANGELOG.md

Binaries - waypoint v0.5.2 Binaries | HashiCorp Releases