Waypoint v0.11.1 released

On May 11th, 2023, we released Waypoint v0.11.1!

This release includes several CLI and ECS plugin improvements, as well as bug fixes in various areas.


  • cli: Add a -verbose flag to waypoint job list to improve relevant columns shown to user
    at a glance. [GH-4531]
  • cli: Include job QueueTime in output for waypoint job list and waypoint job inspect. [GH-4531]
  • cli: Introduce waypoint runner profile edit to edit a runners plugin config
    directly in your configured terminal editor [GH-4594]
  • cli: Update the waypoint runner profile set command to accept an argument
    for setting the name. This also removes the behavior where if no name was given,
    it would generate a random one. [GH-4527]
  • cli: new flags for waypoint install on Nomad:
    -nomad-service-address and -nomad-network-mode [GH-4619]
  • plugin/ecs: Enable custom health checks for ECS plugin. [GH-4473]
  • plugin/ecs: Update ECS releaser to verify deployment health before releasing. [GH-4520]


  • builtin/consul: Fix request logger to properly log configured data center [GH-4670]
  • cli: Avoid panic in empty slice for runner installs platform var. [GH-4672]
  • cli: Fix load path for custom Waypoint plugins [GH-4623]
  • core: Ensure project and workspaces cannot be created with malformed names [GH-4588]
  • internal: Improve git URL string trimming when determining remote URLs [GH-4675]
  • plugin/ecs: Update ECS destroyer to wait for there to be zero listeners for the
    target group before destroying the target group. [GH-4497]
  • trigger: Ensure trigger Name is only alpha-numeric [GH-4660]
  • ui: Only show health-check “Re-run” button if project has a data source. [GH-4553]


The Waypoint Team

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